artist statement

I have loved taking photographs since I was a child. From the toy camera I received as a small child to the digital SLR I use now and all the cameras in between, framing an image through the viewfinder has always made me happy. The basis for my love of photography has always been the belief that each photograph is a memory – a reminder of a particular place and a certain time. Whether it is a flower in my backyard or a landmark in a foreign destination, each image represents part of my past, my history.

The most enjoyable part of the process, though, is when I share my photos. Everyone sees something different and these photos, these memories of mine, become transformed into something new. By sharing my photos with you, I invite you to step in and create your own story behind the image. To me it is fulfilling to see my photo through the eyes of another person, knowing that my image, my memory, has become meaningful to someone else.


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